How do I train a puppy when I work full-time?

This was my schedule when I house trained four 8-week old puppies and worked full-time. 

I would wake at 5:30 AM and as soon as puppy hears you are up it wants to potty, so take puppy out as soon as you get up.  I had to rush to the bathroom first of course, as quick as I could, and then take puppies out. Then brought puppies in to eat, drink, and play with the kids. Then I let pup out to pee and put back in crate at 7:10 and off to school and work.  At lunch I came in the house and let puppies outside immediately then back inside to eat, drink, play and then out to potty and back in their crate all in 40 minutes.  The kids came home from school and let pups out to potty and they played with them until I got home and then I let them outside again.  Take food and water away at 6:00 PM each night, so they can sleep better on an empty stomach.  Place crate where puppy can see you at night, crate on your bed, nightstand, or chairs.  Let puppy wake you when it needs to potty so it can gradually hold its bladder longer and longer through the night.

I do not like using the pee pads if I don't have to; the larger the area you have the puppy in the more it will be up playing and need to potty.  If you keep puppy in the crate it will get the needed rest it requires as it is growing an inch taller a week and need lots of rest.

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